Way Back When 1- Kawasaki Z1

z1-s1st in a series of flashbacks to old photos of bikes you used to own. Kawasaki Z1

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1973 Z1 Kawasaki

1973 saw the release of the game changing Kawasaki superbike, the mighty Z1. Now a highly sort after collectible model, the rarest of them all is the first black motored model, nicknamed the “Jaffa” for its orange and brown paint scheme.

Ken C owned one such classic, this 1973 beauty, and like any good owner of an overpowered machine, immediately sought to raise the horsepower. Fitting an 1170 kit and Tighe cams, the orange Duck saw lots of road use and the occasional dragstrip run.

Almost written off after being collected by a car, the Z1 was rebuilt and survived till 1989. It was then purchased in the late 80’s buying frenzy by cashed up Japanese collectors, and hopefully lives on in theĀ  garage of a wealthy Tokyo businessman.

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