2012 R1 Yamaha

2012-yamaha-R1-sThe 2012 Yamaha R1 – Traction Control, refinements, and a 50th GP Anniversary Edition.

2012 R1 Yamaha

Yamaha US have released details and pictures of the 2012 R1.

While we don’t know exactly how this will relate to Australian spec models, the US colours include the usual Blue, Black, a White/Graphic scheme, and a great looking red and white 50th GP Anniversary model.

The main feature added to a same, but refreshed R1 is the inclusion of traction control. A new triple clamp, front cowl and muffler covers update the look slightly, footpegs are new, and the ECU gets a refresh settings-wise.


The Yamaha Press Release detail is below:

  • Seven-level Traction Control System allows the rider to get more traction and drive while exiting corners.
  • New ECU settings provide excellent drivability during low and mid rpm acceleration
  • New top triple clamps add to the appearance of the YZF-R1, reminiscent of the MotoGP® powerhouse YZR-M1.
  • The footrests have been redesigned for great boot sole contact and advanced rider/motorcycle interface.
  • New headlight cowl styling and LED position lights enhance the YZF-R1’s unique styling.
  • New silencer heat guards and end caps are re-styled to give the rear end of the bike a more compact look ,while at the same time making the individual parts look more mechanical.

1. For 2012, the YZF-R1 receives another benefit from MotoGP® technology – a seven-level Traction Control System. The system has been developed so the rider does not feel any unnatural or harsh intervention from the system. In addition, traction control can aid in reducing tire wear due to less wheel spin. Coupled with the three level D-Mode electronics throttle response control, riders have 21 different choices available to tailor the YZF-R1 to their riding preference.

2. World GP 50th Anniversary Edition celebrates Yamaha’s racing heritage with Pearl White/Rapid Red livery. Includes a 50th Anniversary emblem on top of the fuel tank and a special numbered plate showing the production number of only 2000 units that will be produced worldwide in these commemorative colors. Gold Yamaha badges are used on the fuel tank, front, and rear of the motorcycle, and an additional small sticker kit will be provided.


3. The 2012 YZF-R1 has a new headlight cowl designed to be sharper, more modern, and more aggressive. LED position lights are used for a high quality and distinctive look. Out back, the muffler end caps and heat shields are restyled for a more mechanical look. And a new top triple clamp is styled after the YZR-M1.

4. This R1 keeps all the technological superiorities developed for its predecessor: YCC-TTM (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) is MotoGP® inspired fly-by-wire technology used to deliver instant throttle response. YCC-I® is Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake which is a variable intake system that broadens the spread of power. The fuel injection system provides optimum air/fuel mixtures for maximum power and smooth throttle response.


5. In keeping with this machine’s exceptional cornering ability and crisp handling, the aluminum frame has been designed to offer exceptional rigidity balance. The rear frame is lightweight Controlled-Fill die-cast magnesium, contributing the optimum mass centralization. Suspension includes SOQI front forks which use one of the tricks developed for our winning MotoGP® bikes: independent damping. The left fork handles compression damping and the right side handles the rebound damping. And the rear shock adopts bottom linkage for optimum suspension characteristics.


We will update as soon as Australian delivery options, dates and prices are confirmed.

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