Harley Davidson launch the 2012 Switchback in Australia

2012-switchback-launch-sThe new 2012 Switchback Harley Davidson has been launched in Australia. harley-switchback

2012 Harley Davidson Switchback Launch

Harley Davidson have launched the new 2012 Switchback in Australia.

In a well supported event on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australian press had a chance to sample the new Dyna based machine.*

A separate ride impression will follow in the next few days, but here are some details for those who can’t wait that long.


The Switchback is based on the Dyna platform, with the 103 cube motor and a new 2 into one exhaust. A set of cast aluminium wheels are a new design, the front hoop has a distinct retro hot rod look to it, perhaps the most noticable and commented part of the bike.

A key feature of this model is the removable screen and hard bags that convert the Switchback from country tourer to boulevard bruiser in minutes, achieved without the use of any tools.

The screen and bags are slightly smaller versions of those found on the Road King, the screen utilising the same spring clip release, while the bags have a newly developed mounting system.


Following on from the Blackline, the Switchback is the next model to use the “HD-LAN” centrally computer controlled electrics. ABS is standard.

Seat height is low, around 10mm less than a Road King or 1200 Sportster. Coupled with semi-ape bars mounted on rear set risers, riding position is relaxed and comfortable. Weight is down compared to a Road King by 30 kilograms, the Switchback is 320kg dry with bags and screen.

This is a model that will appeal to a wide variety of potential Harley customers, it has the basics to be a entry level tourer, and the looks to be a town only prowler with the screen and bags stored safely in your garage. As usual, a range of accessories will be available.


RRP on the 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback will be $25995 ride away.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Switchback, and as mentioned, will bring the ride impression and detail photos in the next few days.


* Big Thanks to Harley Davidson and Haystac teams!

** Mick/Chris..Copy paste version available on Tuesday. 😉

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