Flexible road signs for Queensland

flexible-signs-sFlexible road signs are being tried in Queensland in a rider safety initiative.


Flexible road signs are being tried in Northern Queensland in a government road safety intiative. First seen in the UK, the flexible signs have been installed on a stretch of the Captain Cook highway north of Cairns. The “bendy”signs are designed to lessen the injuries caused when hit by a rider.

Main Roads Minister Craig Wallace and the Member for Barron River, Steve Wettenhall  inspected the new safety measures.

“The Captain Cook Highway here in the far north is one of the first hotspots to benefit from the new safety initiatives. I’m hoping they will be a real triumph in road safety for motorbike riders,” Mr Wallace said “We’re spending $20 million over five years to deliver safer roads for motorbike riders. Without a doubt, they are the most vulnerable on our roads.

Apart from the’ flexible signs, extra rails will be installed on guardrails to stop riders from sliding under the guardrail and hitting the post. Steel reflector mounts will be replaced with flexible plastic, with plastic caps  placed on guardrail post tops.

Now if they can just come up with flexible cars, pillowy tarmac, and rubbery trees, we will all be safe.



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