2013 Kawasaki Z800 Unveiled


Kawasaki have given the middleweight Z a bump to 800cc and a radical restyle. kawasaki-z800

Kawasaki Z800

The Kawasaki Z800 has been unveiled, featuring an alien/insect restyle, or “Ferocious” as Kawasaki call it.

They also say: “The new front cowl design is a key element of the Z800’s more aggressive styling, giving it a fiercer glaring appearance. Shrouds and under-cowl appear to grip the engine.”

“The image is like a snarling beast holding prey in its mouth.”

Pushing your snarling beast along will be a bigger bore engine, up from 748 to 806cc. Brakes and suspension are reported to have received upgrades, that hopefully help you keep the prey in your mouth.

A new style instrument panel is included.

We will update when we have a date for the release of the Z800 in Australian Kawasaki dealers

Meantime, heres a Kawasaki Promo video of the Z800




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