Aprilia Tuono R V4

aprilia-tuono-v4r-yellow-sAprilia have launched the new Tuono V4 R at a press event in Valencia. Yellow Thunder!

Aprilia Tuono V4 R

Aprilia have launched the new Tuono V4R at a massive press event at the Valencia circuit in Spain.

Like the Tuono’s before this one, it is essentially the RSV4 sportsbike with the fairing removed, high bars and some tuning for torque. The end result is far more dramatic to ride than you would imagine.

This new model Touno should be no exception. The old v twin Tuono 1000R was one of the most fun motorcycles we have ridden. The new R V4 will take things to a new level of madness with nearly 40hp more (167hp), and 12 kgs less weight.

It’s not all craziness however, the Tuono does feature Aprilia’s comprehensive engine management electronics as found on the RSV4, which include multi-mapping with traction and wheelie control.


The mini fairing has grown a little on this model, and the tail piece has been redesigned to accomodate a larger pillion seat than the RSV4, which, like most sportsbikes – is essentailly a bum crack wedge.

The best description might well be the translated Italian press release from Aprilia:

“To all those who have the power in the blood, a motorcycle with the convenience of soul Aprilia RSV4 and the design of a cat body designed to express vehement acceleration and braking bullies, attacking twists and turns of any radius and devouring every straight section”

No word yet on Australian release, colours and pricing, but we will update as news comes to hand. If you rode the last Tuono, like us, I’m sure you can’t wait to try this one out.


All images copyright Aprilia/Piaggio

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