BMW C600 Sport and C650GT Maxi Scooters

bmw-c600-c600gt-sBMW have entered the scooter market in a big way – literally – with two 600cc maxi scooters, the C600 Sport, and a touring oriented C600 GT version.


New BMW Maxi Scooters – C600 Sport and GT

BMW continue to develop landmark models in markets not traditionally theirs, this time entering the maxi scooter market.

The C600 is a twin cylinder 600cc scooter, the dry sumped, fuel injected engine making 60 horsepower. Transmission is a conventional CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission) as found in most scooters. Or “twist and go” if you prefer to call it that.

BMW say they have attempted to make the C600 handle as motorcycle-like as possible, with beefy suspension and a tube steel frame.

The C600 Sport

Rolling on 15 inch wheels, the rear a beefy 4.5 inches wide, the C600 wears a 40mm upside down set of forks, and an aluminium rear swinger. Twin discs at the front and a single rear are all 270mm, with BMW’s ABS standard on both models. A neat feature is a “handbrake”, actuated by putting down the sidestand, which engages a second rear caliper and prevents your scoot from rolling away unattended.

As you would expect from the German company, electronics feature heavily, the bike is powered by a CAN bus system (computer controlled wiring) and has LED lights even in the storage compartments. The dash has the usual computerised trip computer functions, and heated grips and seat are optional.


Both the Sport and the GT feature plenty of storage, and both can stow 2 helmets. The GT has fatter bodywork allowing greater storage. The GT has a plusher seat with an inbuilt low backrest. Seat height is also lower on the GT, 780mm versus the Sports 810, and the GT has higher bars for a more upright riding position.

Availibility and pricing for Australia isn’t known yet, but we will update as that becomes clear.

The C600 GT



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