Ducati Panigale 1199

Ducati-1199-Panigale-sDucati have unveiled the new Panigale 1199 “superbike”. Ducati-1199-Panigale-2012

Ducati 1199 Panigale

Ducati have released pictures and more details on the new 1199cc Panigale road going superbike.

While details of the Panigale’s motor have already been released, revealing a claimed 195 horsepower, Ducati have used the EICMA show in Milan Italy to unveil the final product. The design brief when the Panigale was under development was – 25 more horsepower, and 10 kilos lighter.

According to Ducati that brief has been realised, which may very well put the Panigale – named after the Bologna region that Ducati headquarters itself in – at the top of the supersport road bike heap with the best power to weight ratio.

Ducati are claiming 195 horsepower and 164 kgs dry, with a wet weight of 188 kg. The chassis is a monocoque aluminum two piece, breaking the trellis frame tradition. In two parts, the front and rear sections are held together by the engine, much like the MotoGP bike that has been the focus of Ducati’s race program, with Valentino Rossi producing disappointing results this year when compared to expectations.


Front suspension on the base model is a set of Marzocchi 50mm forks, with the now usual Brembo monoblocs gripping 330mm discs. The rear sports a Sachs shock. The more expensive versions of the Panigale get Ohlins suspenders, with electronic control.

Like all good superbikes, the Panigale is bristling with electronics – and three letter acronyms – such as DTC, EBC and DQS.

If you are no good at scrabble, they are Traction Control, er..something else*, and the Quick Shifter. You’ll also get power modes, ride by wire and data logging – depending on the model.

For further details on the engine, have a look at the this previous Ducati press release about the Panigale’s motor.

The three models that will be available are the 1199 Panigale, 1199 Panigale S and 1199 Panigale S Tricolore. The “what, when and how much” details relating to the Panigale in Australia are not confirmed yet, we will update you as soon as we hear.


*something else : EBC is actually Engine Braking Control.

All images copyright Ducati

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