BMW Electric Scooter Concept

bmw-e-scooter-s BMW has a concept electric powered scooter – the E-Scooter. bmw-escooter

BMW Electric Scooter Concept

BMW has released pictures and details on a concept electric powered scooter.

Designed as a future commuting vehicle, the E Scooter development was funded in part by the German Federal Ministry of Transport. The main design brief calls for acceleration comparable with a 600cc petrol scoot, a 100km range, and obviously zero emissions.

The e scooter can also be recharged by plugging in a standard household electrical cord, rather than a special battery charger. When dead flat, the charging period is around three hours. To further extend the range, when braking or decelerating, the energy is regenerated, offering a reported 20% range increase.

Other interesting features: the electronics and motor are liquid cooled, and the e scooter has no frame, rather it uses the aluminium battery case to hang the front and rear suspension from. So far there is no word on when or if this would be in production, or what price it might be.





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