BMW Lo Rider

Image BMW today released details of a concept bike they call the Lo Rider.


BMW Lo Rider Concept Bike

BMW today released details of a concept bike they call the Lo Rider. The Lo Rider combines the traditional Boxer engine with wire spoke wheels and an interesting mix of cruiser and streetfighter design elements.

BMW’s press release describes how this machine could be ordered in custom form by the purchaser. It is not hard to imagine a scenario where you could order a bike like this, the way you want it, by using an online website or similar, to build your idea of what it should look like. Details from the BMW Motorrad press release follow:

The concept is such that, for the first time, the customer can be involved in the design of the BMW Lo Rider to an extent which goes beyond what has previously been possible to date. Numerous options including different exhaust systems, seats, headlamp units and paint finish variations allow for a level of customisation which is far greater than the familiar individualisation by means of special equipment features and accessories.


This means that the entire character of the vehicle can be adapted to the customer’s individual taste: the customer can take full pleasure in assembling a machine just as he wants it – from a cool cruiser to an aggressive muscle bike. An overview of the conceptual highlights.

* Combines current technology with modern and classic stylistic elements.
* Design elements can be individually combined by the customer.
* Raised or lowered exhaust system, as preferred.
* Seat for one or two as preferred, or aluminium perch seat.
* Headlamp unit in classic shape or in streetfighter style, as preferred.
* Fuel tank with or without aluminium trim, as preferred.
* Four paint finishes for the fuel tank.
* Three paint finishes for the engine casing.
* Front and rear wheel wings finished either in black or chrome, as preferred.

The concept study Lo Rider is mainly focused on the two essential component groups of a motorcycle, the engine and the chassis. Any superfluous decoration is omitted. Instead, variable components such as the exhaust system, seat, headlamp unit and paint finishes determine the bike’s outward appearance, at the same time defining its conceptual style.

The combination of these classic and modern components is entirely subject to the personal taste of the customer. For example, he can initially express the dominating character of the BMW Lo Rider through the placement of the exhaust system, creating either a sporty style or opting for a more roadster-like look by having it lowered. A very sporty effect is created by the classic perch seat made of aluminium sheet metal, while the simple single seat reduced to the absolute minimum will appeal to purist motorcycle fans.

The single seat can also be optionally extended to include a pillion passenger module. The specification laid down for the development team led by David Robb, Head of Design Development at BMW Motorrad, was that all the conceivable combination options of these components should produce different end results but that the bike should always retain a rounded, coherent character in itself. Whether with a raised or lowered exhaust system, with sporty perch seat or seat bench for one or two people: the Lo Rider comes over differently every time but always makes an impression.


The same applies to the selection options in creating the front section of the Lo Rider. With their aggressive, modern design, the vertically arranged dual headlamps give it a touch of the streetfighter, while the classic, semicircular headlamp provides an echo of past times. Once again, the same principle applies: however different the styles thus created might be, they always have a consistent emotional appeal for the rider.

Further possibilities for individual design are available to the customer in the choice of paint finish. There are four different colours available for the fuel tank, and with the three different paint finishes for the engine casing this allows the customer to create a very distinctive, personal look, defining the character of the Lo Rider as anything from refined to sporty. These always harmonise perfectly with the deliberately classic, high-quality aluminium parts such as fuel tank trim, seat holder and wing struts. Different styles can also be created with the front and rear wings which are available either in black or chrome finish.

Finally, another element which harmonises perfectly with the overall concept of the Lo Rider is the individually adaptable range of rider equipment. This includes classic leather jackets, protector jeans, boots, gloves and authentic jet and integral helmets. This ensures that not only the appearance of the Lo Rider is perfect but that the rider has just the right look, too.



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