Electric 160km/h motorcycle – Brammo Empulse

brammo-empulse-sBrammo Inc., an American electric motorcycle manufacturer have released details of their new Empulse sportsbike.

It features 160km/h performance with a 160 km range.


We are only a few years away from 2015, but so far no sign of flying cars or Marty McFly’s hoverboard. However, the reality of a practical, fast, and good looking electric powered motorcycle appears to be on us.

Brammo Inc, an Oregon, USA based electric motorcycle builder, have announced the Empulse, a sportsbike style road-going electric motorcycle.

Three models will be offered, with the most powerful -and most expensive – offering a top speed of 160km/h, with a range of 160kms.
In addition to that, this is a seriously nice looking motorcycle, compared to some of the previous offerings in the electric bike market.


While a 160km range won’t suit everyone, it is approaching the point where electric motorcycle technology may start to become a viable consumer choice.

The price point is becoming more reasonable too, with the entry level Empulse 6.0 model being offered for pre sale orders at USD$9995. In the USA various federal and state rebates and credits  lower that price further. The Empule 10 with the highest speed and range is $13,995.


More information can be found here at Brammo’s website, or watch the video below.



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