First Look 2011 ZX10-R Kawasaki Road Version

kawasaki-zx10r-2011-sA US magazine has released pictures and details of the production version 2011 ZX10-R

Sneak Peek – 2011 ZX10-R

UPDATED: Full details and Pics 2011 ZX-10


Thanks to a tip from a US reader, we present here a grainy picture of a Cycle World magazine cover which is apparently on sale in the US.

With the official release of the street version still some way off, this appears to be either a clever marketing ploy, or a monumental stuff -up.

While we have run a number of articles here on motoaus showing the race version of the 2011 ZX10R, this shot shows the road version. The new headlights look pretty nice we think, but will reserve judgement till we see more pictures.

The magazine sports a 200 horsepower claim on the cover, but we havent yet got to see the article, the magazine is not yet available here in Australia, or online.

Reader Steve, (thanks mate!) who sent us the pic, says the story claims lighter weight, more power, traction control and ABS as some of the features. No mention about the reputed big bang engine. More details when they – almost certainly – come to hand.

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