Harley Davidson Blackline launched in Australia

blackline-launch-sHarley Davidson launched the new Blackline and 1200C Sportster at the Sydney Tattoo Expo.

Harley Davidson Blackline – Australian Launch

Harley Davidson used the 2011 Sydney Tattoo Expo as the venue to launch the new Blackline – a stripped down Softail – and the 1200C, a custom Sportster.

Update: We have now ridden and reviewed the Blackline

While the Blackline may at first appear to be yet another custom theme on the Softail, it represents much more than that. H-D have chosen the Blackline as the first Harley Davidson to be equipped with what is know as HDLAN, which in simple terms means a huge upgrade to the bike’s electrical system, handing over control of every electrical function to a computer.

No longer do the switches turn power on and of for example, they now send the computer a signal which does the turning. One of the noticable benefits of this is the dramatic reduction in wiring needed.


Another interesting feature of the Blackline is the rear tyre. Instead of opting for the usual massive rubber oval found on a lot of the new power cruisers, Harley Davidson have opted for a slimmer 144mm wide 16″ tyre. This is going to make sure the Blackline is going to turn corners without a big effort.

On the appearance side, the Blackline has followed the ever increasing popularity of the “Bobber” look, stripped down and lean. A big 21″ spoke front wheel, and the 16″ rear are black aluminium rim spoked items. Both are covered by small profile guards. The hardtail appearance – the shocks are hidden underneath – completes the clean look.

The silver and gloss black powerplant is the 96 cuber, which puts down 89ft lbs of torque at a lazy 3250 rpm. Trans is a 6 speed.


An 18 litre fuel tank sports very minimal Harley Davidson emblems, and the Blackline is available in three colour choices, Orange, Blue and Black, all combined with lots of other black, chrome and polished alloy.

We hope to be able to ride the Blackline soon for a full review, it looks like a landmark model, in particular it will be remembered as the first of the HDLAN bikes, this is sure to follow through on all other Harleys eventually.

While overshadowed by the Blackline, the launch was for 2 models, the other being the 1200C Custom. We have a full release presser here, but in summary the 1200C features chrome cast wheels and a low 2-up seat. Powered by a fuel injected Evo 1200, the 1200C has revised suspension, and is steered with pullback style bars. Thankfully this model has a 17 litre fuel tank as well.

We will have a full gallery of images up soon from the launch event, with lots of bikes and tattoed girls.


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