Looking Back – Suzuki GSXR750

Image Into a target area of 220kg plus "sports" motorcycles, Suzuki fired their 1985 750cc GSXR missile.

The first aluminium framed production bike, it was the first true "race rep" sportsbike. Weighing in at about 178 kgs dry, it was as much as 50kgs lighter than some of its opposition. Powered by a 100hp, four valve, oil cooled engine, it continued its run of "firsts" with flat slide carburettors. Radical twin headlight, full faired styling, and bold race type graphics meant it was hard to ignore.

The first "Gixxer" as it subsequently was nicknamed, was nimble, blindingly fast, with aggressive, although nervous, handling traits. This bike completely redefined the "superbike", and nothing was ever going to be the same again. It won award after award, and soon dominated the racetrack, as well as the road. Twenty-two years later, the GSXR750 model line is still being produced. 

Perhaps summing it up best , I recall the words of a 80s superbike racer, who struggled against the GSXR for a full season on a rival manufacturers heavier machine. After his first ride on the flyweight 750 he admitted  .."We've been wasting our time."

Model   Suzuki GSXR750
Capacity  748cc
 Engine Type  Inline 4 DOHC 4V Oil cooled
 Power  100hp@10,500rpm
 Gearbox  6 speed
Torque  47ft-lbs @ 8000 rpm
Weight  178kg
 Front Brakes  Twin disc
 Rear Brakes  Single Disc
 Power to Weight  .56hp per kg
 Seat Height  N/A
 Top Speed  235 km/h


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