NCR M4 and M4 One Shot – Monstrous Monsters

NCR-M4--Carbon-sNCR have released the M4 and M4 One Shot. Titanium framed Ducati Monster marvels that weigh 130 kgs and cost between 50 and 70 thousand USD. NCR-M4-Carbon
NCR M4 – 130kg – $50k
You might remember NCR’s previous over-the-top creation, the carbon fibre, titanium, magnesium and Desmosedici mix M16 that weighed less than a MotoGP bike, while laying down over 200 horsepower to the tyre.

The boys from Bologna are at it again, this time with the 1100cc based M4 and M4 One Shot, based around the Monster.
Nothing like the Monster you could buy at a Ducati dealer of course.

130 kgs, titanium frame, and dripping with exotica, the M4 will retail (in the USA) for a stout $49k, while the upspecced M4 One Shot – love that name – is pushing $70,000 USD. The One Shot gets a billet stroker crank with Ti rods and a slipper clutch. Of course. No word on if the M4’s will ever be available in Australia, we’d think it unlikely, but will be our hands up for a test ride if they ever were.


Details, details

The air cooled NCR M4 comes with a titanium frame and subframe along with carbon fiber tank, wheels, instrument cluster, airbox, oil cooler housing and fenders. An innovative central electronic package allows for quick disconnects by way of top grade military connectors along with access to many features by way of an USB computer interface and software.

NCR exotic parts like billet triple clamps, fork bottoms, rearsets along with Brembo radial controls and calipers and Ohlins suspension front and back add to the impressive list of features. The NCR M4 has a MSRP of $49,900 US plus applicable taxes, shipping and dealer preparation. Expected first deliveries in Spring 2012 (in the USA)

The NCR M4 has an air-cooled 1100cc Ducati EVO engine and produces 107 hp at 7,500 rpm, torque of 84 ft-lbs (115 Nm) and a weight of 286 lbs (130 kg) with oil and battery.


One Shot

The NCR M4 One Shot comes with an NCR 1200 modified Ducati EVO 1100 engine, complete with billet stroker crank, titanium connecting rods, titanium hardware throughout and NCR-EVR slipper clutch. The NCR M4 One Shot produces 132 hp at 8,700 rpm, torque of 105 ft-lbs of torque (143 Nm) and a weight of 278 lbs (126 kg) and has a MSRP of $69,900 US plus applicable taxes, shipping and dealer preparation (for the US market).

Quick release trickery

The NCR M4 is modular in design in that the front headlight/instrument cluster can be changed to a mini, half or full fairing with the simple swap of two bolts and a connector. The same can be done with the tail section. The stock titanium rear subframe assembly can be swapped for a full carbon fiber street tail or carbon race tail with 5 bolts and a connector. The goal was to be able to swap from street trim to track trim in less than five minutes.

“It is difficult to describe what a 278 lbs, 1200cc street bike feels like because it is not like anything you have tried before. After riding a NCR M4, it is difficult to enjoy riding a motorcycle weighing 100 to 150 lbs more, regardless of the amount of horsepower it may have,” said NCR M4 designer and NCR C.O.O., Joe Ippoliti.



130 Kg (286 lbs) with oil and battery
Ducati EVO 1100 motor 107 Hp at 7.500 RPM – Torque 115 Nm – 11,5 kgm @ 5100 RPM
NCR titanium frame weight 4.8 Kg (10.6 lbs)
NCR titanium subframe with Schedoni leather seat on a carbon fiber base
NCR carbon fiber tank. Capacity: 13 Lt – 3.45 Gallons
300 mm WAVE Braking-NCR, radial Brembo Racing 4 piston (108mm version)
REAR BRAKE 200 mm WAVE Braking-NCR, Brembo Racing 2 piston
FRONT SUSPENSION Ohlins 43 mm upside-down fork with TiN surface treatment, adjustable off-set, radial calipers with NCR CORSE billet aluminum fork bottoms, tuned by NCR CORSE.
Triple clamps made from billet AL 7075 with an adjustable offset of 24 to 32 mm in 2 mm increments
Ohlins REAR SUSPENSION Fully adjustable Ohlins monoshock with eccentric adjustor. Tuned by NCR CORSE
OTHER CARBON FIBER PARTS Airbox, front and rear fenders, oil cooler housing, oil cooler support, counter sprocket cover, chain guard, mirror and headlight housing
EXHAUST SYSTEM NCR full stainless steel system with catalytic converter and exhaust valve 5.1 kg (11.2 lbs)
WHEELS BST-NCR Carbon fiber wheels
ELECTRONICS New Magneti Marelli high speed cpu with traction control and NCR designed military wiring and connectors. Quick disconnect interfaces. Lightweight lithium battery.
AIM MXL Display (Strada) with laptop interface. Laptop software and direct plug battery charger
COLORS Clear coat. Custom paint available on request

SPECIAL PARTS Adjustable rear sets in AL 7075 and titanium, gas cap assembly in aluminum from billet, clip-ons in AL 7075 with titanium tubes, triple clamps from AL 7075 with adjustable offset from 24 to 32 mm, Ohlins steering damper with billet mount in titanium, billet oil fill plug, front fairing stay in aluminum, NCR 32mm slave master machined from billet, titanium oil reservoirs . NCR custom oil cooler

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