New Ducati 1199 Superquadro motor makes 195hp

superquadro-sThe Ducati 1199 Superquadro motor that will power the upcoming Panigale makes 195 horsepower.

1199 Panigale motor makes 195hp

Ducati has released pictures and details of the new Superquadro engine that will power the upcoming 1199 Panigale superbike.

The big twin pumps out a claimed – and incredible – 195 horsepower at 10,750 rpm. Torque is a stout 98 ft/lb at 9,000 rpm..

Not content with making it the most powerful Ducati production engine ever, the engineers have manged to push out service intervals to 24,000kms, along with large weight savings in the motor.

Each piston in the 1199 is a massive 112 mm, with a 60.8mm stroke. The Desmodromic valve system has been retained, but is now chain/gear drive, rather than a belt. The clutch is now a wet oil bath type, featuring slipper functionality, and the gearbox has been resized. Up, as you’d imagine.


A full list of features from Ducati:
195 hp
4.41 in (112 mm) bore diameter
Integrated design for engine & vehicle: the new Superquadro engine is a fully stressed member of the chassis
Full and indipendent RbW system
2.66 in (67.5mm) equivalent diameter oval throttle body
Twin injectors for each throttle body
Racing oriented pistons: double ribbed and RR58 alloy

Nikasil coated alluminium wet liners
Decompressor device on both cylinder heads
Crankshaft on shell bearing for enhanced stiffness
Inlet titanium valves_Magnesium sump cover, head covers and clutch covers
Plastic gears (tecno polimeri) for oil and water drive

Feeding and delivery gerotor oil pumps for vacuum effect
Secondary Air System
New chain drive timing system
Slipper and self-servo wet clutch
New gearbox: increased dimension between shaft centers for increased strenghth.


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