New Eye Candy colours for the VFR800

2008 VFR800 Honda Honda is introducing two new eye catching colours on the VFR 800 for 2008, including Candy Glory Red and Sword Silver Metallic.

 2008 VFR800 Honda

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For over two decades, the VFR has consistently been hailed as one of the most refined and best balanced motorcycles of any displacement. Now Honda is introducing two new eye catching colours for 2008 including Candy Glory Red and Sword Silver Metallic.

Setting it apart from every other motorcycle in its class, the VFR800’s unique fuel injected V4-VTEC engine delivers power in two optimised stages of valve actuation for a seamless band of strong, accessible acceleration. An oxygen-sensing catalytic exhaust gas converter system minimises emissions of harmful exhaust gases whilst a lightweight twin-spar aluminium frame, single-sided Pro-Arm swingarm and HMAS cartridge type front fork all contribute to the VFR’s sporty and responsive handling.

2008 VFR800 Honda

Chassis and bodywork are also top-of-the-class in both design and execution. Its striking 4-beam headlight system is arrayed in an unmistakable ‘V’ pattern around a deeply angled windscreen, and its distinctive European looks combine sharp angles and edges with sweeping curves that terminate in a remarkable tail design. For safety and peace of mind, the VFR offers a specially configured Linked Braking System to ensure smooth and effective stops whilst its U-section cast-aluminium wheels are kept light in order to reduce unsprung weight. In true sport-tourer style, the VFR also offers a matching luggage option for those who want to explore the wide open road for days on end.

Pillions have also been looked after considerably. With the bold ‘Centre-Up’ exhaust system located under its broad thickly padded seat, room was made to lower the foot pegs to a more comfortable position for passengers. Wider, comfortably shaped cast resin hand grips can also be easily attached or detached for the ultimate in riding comfort.

Until 31 December 2007, Honda is offering a special recommended retail price on the 2008 VFR800 of only $15990 (including GST plus on road costs).

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