Renard GT Grand Tourer

Renard-GT-sThe Renard GT Grand Tourer is a Moto Guzzi powered carbon monoque chassis power cruiser, made in Estonia.


Renard GT

For those who didnt pay attention in geography lessons, Estonia is a small country in the North East of Europe, just across the water from Finland, and a former unwilling part of of the USSR from World War 2 to 1991. But back in 1938, a small motorized bicycle manufacturer was started in the capital city of Tallinn, called Renard Cycles. Using a small Sachs engine in a simple frame, Renard lasted until 1944, when it was devastated in a Soviet bombing attack.

In keeping with a familiar trend, a group of entrepreneurs have revived the long defunct brand, and used it to grace a contemporary low volume custom motorcycle. The Renard GT bears more than a passing resemblance to an American effort, which also uses a V Twin. The Renard however differs in motor choice, as the V Twin is the transverse mounted Moto Guzzi Quattrovalvole motor, as found in the Griso.

Described as a power cruiser, the Renard Grand Tourer mounts the Guzzi 1200 4 valver in a Carbon fiber/Kevlar monocoque chassis which weighs only 11kg. A massive girder style front end is suspended with an Ohlins shock, as is the rear. The entire build is laden with high quality components, from the beautiful black anodised ISR master cylinders, to the carbon fibre wheels.

Now you’re probably thinking this doesn’t sound cheap, and you would be right. Slated for a very limited production starting in 2011, the Renard GT is likely to cost more than several production motorcycles added together. It isn’t likely this will be seen in Australia, but you can be sure we will try to get a ride on one if it does.


Renard Grand Tourer Specifications

Engine Type: V2 90° Moto Guzzi “Quattrovalvole”
Displacement: 1151 cc; 70 c.i.d.
Engine Management System: EFI Euro 4

Carbon fiber/Kevlar monocoque chassis
Wheelbase: 1450 mm;
Trail: 97 mm;
Steering angle: 23°
Front suspension: 2 way adjustable Öhlins S36DR1L
Rear suspension: 3 way adjustable Öhlins TTX 36
Front Brakes: Twin semifloating discs Ø 320 mm six piston monoblock calipers/
Rear Brakes: Single semifloating disc Ø 220 mm four piston monoblock caliper.
Front/rear rims: Carbon fiber 3.50 x 17″ / 5.50 x 17″
Front/rear tires: 120/70 ZR17 / 190/55 ZR17

Lenght: 2100 mm;
Width: 840mm;
Height: 990 mm;
Seat height: 850 mm;
Minimum ground clearance: 140 mm;
Dry weight: 190 kg; 419 lbs
Fuel tank capacity: 18 litres


Images copyright Renard 2010

Estonia: Check this link out if you are interested in Estonia, it looks like an interesting place to visit.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs warns that “Driving in Estonia can be dangerous due to local driving practices, poorly maintained roads and vehicles and inadequate road lighting.” Sounds like Australians will feel right at home.

Tallinn, Estonia, where Renard is based.

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