Suzuki GSXR50 Mini Race Replica

Suzuki gsxr50 gag rb50Released in 1986, the Suzuki GSXR50 was a scaled down mini replica of the then class leading GSXR750 superbike

 GSXR50 1986

 Released in 1986, the Suzuki GSXR50 (aka Gag50 and RB50 in various countries) was a scaled down mini replica of the then class leading GSXR750 superbike. It was released in various guises around the world, in a total of 4 colour schemes, but the most common – and I think most attractive-is the Blue/White "Mini GSXR50" style seen here. Other colour schemes are shown below.

Image The GSXR50 has a welded box frame, front disc brake and Full-Floater box swingarm. The four-stroke engine was lifted  from a Suzuki scooter, but its power doesnt match the racey looks of the little bike. The air-cooled engine four stroke 49cc turns out about 5hp  and the dry weight  63 kg  is propelled by a 4 speed gearbox. Starting is kick only, clutch is manual.


The example shown here was purchased by myself in Los Angeles in 1987, imported to Australia privately shortly there after. Its use has been limited to pit bike duties, so in 20 years its only done 100kms or so.

Image The small wheels of the bike make it somewhat nervous at speed, if approx 60kmh can be called speed.  Various speed shops, including Yoshimura offered hot up bits including pipes and even big bore kits, but this example remains stock.
Other manufacturers also offered mini replica bikes at the time, the most popular being Yamahas YSR50, which was powered by two stoke engine, giving it a far better performance. Honda also had a 50cc mini race rep, but these are very rare. 

ImageI have read that Suzuki made approximately 2000 of these, but so far have been unable to verify the number. Good condition examples are hard to find, although they are the type of bike that lends itself to bering stored and not used, like this one, so other prime examples would exist Im sure.

 They are sought after by collectors of rare Suzuki models, recently a perfect example was offered for sale in the US for 5000 dollars, but I am unsure if it sold.


 Engine Type:       Air-cooled single cylinder SOHC 4-stroke 
Cylinder Volume:     49 cc
Bore x Stroke:           39.0 x 41.8 mm
Compression Ratio:     10.3 :1
Power output:     5.2 hp/ 7.000 rpm
Torque:     0.57 kg-m/ 6.000 rpm
Engine oil capacity:     800 ml
Overall Length:     1,540 mm
Overall Height:     870 mm
Wheelbase:     1 080 mm
Seat Height:     610 mm
Ground Clearance:     115 mm
Dry Weight:     64 kg
Fuel tank capacity:     7litres

Carburetor:     Mikuni VM13A
Lubrication system:     Wet sump
Starting :     Kick start
Ignition type:     Suzuki PEI
Clutch type:     Wet, multi-plate
Transmission type:     4-speed constant mesh
Gearshift pattern:     1-down, 3-up

Front suspension:     Telescopic, coil spring, oil-damped
Rear suspension:     Full-Floater  box-type swingarm, oil-damped
Front brake:     Single disc, hydraulically operated
Rear brake:     Internal expanding drum type
Fuel consumption:     121km/litre(@30 kph)

Other Paint Schemes available: 





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