Triumph Nullarbor Adventure 2010

triumph-nullabor-sRide across the Nullarbor on your Triumph in 2010.


What is essentially a ‘social ride’ for Triumph owners and friends, will commence from Port Augusta on Thursday 4th March, 2010 at 9.00am, and will culminate at the Ulysses 2010 AGM in Albany. Only registered Ulysses members are able to attend the actual AGM, with others choosing to tour the West instead.  Riders of other brands are welcome to join the ride as well.

Thursday 4th – Port Augusta to Ceduna (465kms)
Friday 5th – Ceduna to Eucla (597kms)
Saturday 6th – Eucla to Norseman (704kms)
Sunday 7th – Norseman to Perth (736km)
Sunday 7th (Ulysses) – Norseman to Albany (648km)


This is a social ride, all insurance, accommodation, meals, fuel etc is the responsibility of individual participants. All riders participate at their own risk.

More information can be found here at Triumph


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