Uno Unicycle to Motorcycle transforming electric bike

uno-electric-sA young American entrepreneur has shown a prototype of an electric scooter that converts to a unicyle at low speed.

Uno Electric transforming Unicycle/Motorcycle

A High School Science competition was the impetus for an electric powered, self balancing unicycle that converts to a more conventional motorcycle configuration as speed increases. Looking like a cross between the Segway people mover and a scooter, the Uno is small enough when in compact mode to fit in an elevator.

On display at the Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronics Show) the Uno’s designer – Ben Gulak-  created this, the third evolution of the Uno, with funding assistance raised in a competition. Gulak says he got the inspiration after a visit to polluted and overcrowded Asian cities.

The Uno has gyroscopic control systems to remain balanced while in unicycle mode. The Uno uses conventional motorcycle controls for both unicycle and motorcycle modes.


The U3 model utilizes an active tilt technology in Uno mode to stabilize the bike during turns. The tilt system is a motorised mechanism for adjusting the vertical position of the traction wheels, allowing the U3 to bank left or right. This system reportedly makes turns smoother and accommodates for unevenness of the road surface.


This video gives a little insight into the Uno.


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