Ad of the Week – Supercharged 427 Chev powered motorcycle

v8-bike-sAd of the Week – Just got of your Ls? Need a bike with more power? This might be the thing.


Blown Big Block Chev powered bike

The USA is home to a lot of custom street bikes that might have issues being ridden on the street here in Aus, but surely this one for sale on Ebay can’t be street legal anywhere! Can it?

The seller, Tom, says the beast is a “turn key start” – with a primer bottle of course, to squirt raw fuel into the blower as you prepare to head off to work.
He goes on to mention the driveline combo:

“A 1971 Can-am ZL-1 427 aluminum block with 10-71 Bowers blower, Enderle square door injection, Vertex magneto, Crowerglide dual disc slipper clutch with special built powerglide 2 speed automatic transmission.”

I’m no expert, but a decent tune in that combo would be near 1000 horsepower you’d think. Of course safety is paramount, that’s why the bike also features:

“16.5 x 32 x 15 slick on back with Harley disc brake. Old Harley springer front forks with dual disc Harley brakes.”

Awesome. 75,000 US Dollars and you’re away, remember pre 89 vehicles can be imported into Australia, so all you would need would be a roadworthy certificate.

Link to Ebay Ad

He has a website with more info, you can also buy a frame kit if the one above hasnt got enough go, you could upspec the engine.

Here’s a video of a similar machine:

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