Ebay Ad of the Week 1975 Honda Gold Wing

gold-wing-sEbay Ad of the Week – A 1975 first model Honda Gold Wing, with 7000 miles only it still wears the original tyres.


Ebay Ad of the Week – Honda Gold Wing 1975

It’s 1974, and all the talk was Honda bringing out a machine next year in ’75 that would end the Kawasaki Z1’s reign of terror over Honda’s deposed superbike, the CB750.  In the days before the internet, details were sketchy – a flat 4 1000cc monster, packed with the latest 70’s tech.

What we got was no superbike, but the start of the run of one of the most successful touring machines, that continues to this day. But in 1975, this was no given, the GL1000 offered  no extras or fairings that would indicate it’s touring focus. It did have a conversation starting false tank, with drop down “glovebox” sides and a shaft drive. It also had a wonderously smooth and capable powerplant. But it was too heavy and no corner carver, which ruined any chance of it labelling itself as a superbike. Thus started the lineage of the superb touring machines that followed.

The example shown here  listed for sale on Ebay Motors US is the first model from 1975, with the following description:

“It has 7,605 original miles and is absolutely gorgeous. It is fully documented from day one with its original bill of sale, sales documents, all inspection stickers and everything that has ever been done to it. It still rides on it’s original tires.”

One of the most original looking ‘Wings we’ve seen for many a year, original bars, pipes and paint make it a potential collectors item, as there are very few left in this beautiful condition. With an opening bid needed of over 7k, and a Buy it Now price just short of 10 thou, it’s on the high side for 70’s Japanese collector bikes, but less than a comparable Z1 or CB750 would bring. It would certainly get a place in my “cost and space no object” garage.

More pictures and detail: Link to Ebay US ad


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