Fotochop Foolishness – Kawasaki W800-R

kawasaki-w8-r-photochopKawasaki has just released two cool new bikes, the ZX-10R, and the W800. We imagine what might happen if you used the best bits together.


Kawasaki W800 meets ZX10-R

Fotochop Foolishness – Kawasaki have just released two great new bikes, the 200 horsepower ZX-10R, loaded with technology, and the W800 retro twin, loaded with…er..retro. We like the idea of old school looks with todays horsepower and handling, in a relaxed riding position.

So, W800 bodywork onto the ZX-10R engine and chassis, in an effort to get the best of both worlds. Heres the result. It actually looks surprisingly good, and with traction controlled 200hp and state of the art suspension, would be a weapon.

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Ok that worked out pretty well, what about the new ZX10R body on the W800? Well, it seems some things that work in one direction, don’t in the other. A bit like how a good looking women in a mans work singlet looks great, but if you put a bra on a guy…well you get this below.


You can see the proper full pictures and details on the Kawasaki W800 click here

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