Hang out with Colin Edwards for a few days

colin-mancation-sGrab your Mankinis, Colin Edwards wants you – and 9 others – to join him on a Mancation.


Colin Edwards and the Texas Mancation – Join the Fun.

Perhaps preparing himself¬† to have something to do when he hangs up his boots, Texan Tornado Colin Edwards has built himself a resort. Not so much a resort really, Colin calls it a Boot Camp. We intend to take a closer look the the Texas Tornado Boot Camp later, CE111’s place in the wilds of Montgomery Texas, where you get to ride motorcycles and bench race afterwards.

But this offer is for something different, joining Colin in pursuing some of his other recreational activities, which he has loosely described as “Blast and Cast” which probably is Col’s method of collecting dinner.

To be held November 18 thru 21 2010, the Blast and Cast Mancation Number 1, – indicating more later – involves 4 days of fishing (Casting), duck hunting (Blasting, presumably) and all round fun and frivolity with the former World Superbike Champ and current Tech 3 Yamaha MotoGP star.

Colin mentions that this is an “all-inclusive” Mancation to be held in Texas is limited to 10 people, and that you will only need clean undies and Tylenol. Or Panadol if you are Australian.

The price for this highly braggable adventure is a reasonable $3400.00 USD, which, if things keep going the way they are, could be about 175 Aussie dollars in a few years. One last point, and I may be going out on a limb here, but I”m going to take a wild guess and say this might not suit the conservative politically correct vacationeer.

For more information on joining the Mancation with Colin, shoot an email to: info@texastornadobootcamp.com

And make sure you tell us all about it if you go!

images copyright Colin Edwards Boot Camp


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