Motorcycles for Sale in Australia – Classified Ads

motorcycles-for-sale-sLooking for motorcycles for sale online, or wanting to buy a motorcycle? We list the classified ad sales sites.


Motorcycles for Sale – Buying or Selling a Motorcycle Online in Australia

If you are wanting to buy or sell motorcycles in Australia, there are a number of online “motorcycles for sale” sites.

Not that many years ago, the classified ads section of your weekend paper, or weekly trader was bulging with motorcycles for sale. The internet has seen the end of that. Gone are the days of having to pay to advertise your bike for an ad that ran for one day.

While a number of internet motorcycle sales sites charge to advertise, some are free. And all are free to view if you are wishing to buy motorcycles online. It’s not just private sale ads either, most motorcycle dealers in Australia have seen the internet light, and list all or some of their floor stock for sale online.

Heres a list of resources for buying or selling a motorbike online in Australia:


Newsflash – now has a classified section, and it’s FREE! Motorcycle For Sale Free Classified Ads

motoaus-ads-s is pleased to announce the addition of a totally free, and easy to use classified ad section. With a focus on motorcycle parts, the section is a great way to buy or sell parts and accessories. Commercial advertisers should contact us if they wish to list quantities of motorcycle accessories or parts.

Although small at the moment, we hope the ad section can grow to be a valuable resource when looking for parts or accessories for sale.  Motorcycle parts for sale

Whilst we hope you will support our free ad site, read on for many other fine options to sell your motorcycle…

mcsales Cost of Ad $10.00

With over 5000 bikes Australia wide online, Motorcycles For Sale ads are 10 dollars until sold. Large number of dealer and private bikes listed, and a good category search. Even has a damaged motorcycles section.

bike-sales and Cost of ad $60 – $80

Same content on both sites it seems, and currently the major player in online ads. Also up there in costs, with a current (Jan 2011) cost of $60 for an ad, or $80 for a premium advertisement to sell your bike.




ebay-mcsales Cost of Ad $5 – $20, plus $40 if sold

Another major player, but mainly private sales, and in an auction format rather than straight sales site. Listing motorcycles on Ebay for sale currently costs $5.00 for an auction style listing, or $19.99 for a “Classified ad” that runs for 30 days. However if you actually sell the motorcycle, you also pay an extra fee of $40.00




Trading Post Cost of Ad $39.95

Once an icon of weekly sales papers, immortalised in the film “The Castle”, you can now only “tell him he’s dreaming” online. Ads run till sold.



drive-sales Cost of Ad $40.00

This site sells cars as well, but has a motorcycle section. Ads cost $40.00 (Mar 2011). Ads can run till sold, but must be renewed every 60 days.




bikenut-sales Cost of Ad FREE

One of the smaller motorcycle sales sites, with a smaller range of ads, this site also offers free advertising. Ads run until sold.




Although there are many other small classified advertisement sites that offer motorcycles for sale, that’s probably plenty of ads to drool over bikes you cant afford to buy, and plenty of avenues to sell a motorcycle.

If you know of a good site you think we should add to this list, mention it in the comments below. Plus we’d love to here your stories about buying or selling a motorbike on the internet, good or bad.

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