VOTW – Win friends and influence people via your rear tyre

wide-tyre-busa-sVideo of the Week – While we are all for modified street bikes in most forms, this one pushes the boundaries.

No, MINES bigger..

Having the “best” of something requires a constant effort. Take rear tyre sizes, first we drooled over 180 series rubber, then came the massive 200s. Wasn’t long before we had reached the 300 sizes found on the cruiser customs, and then found there way onto jackshaft swingarm sportsbikes.

Where do you go after that? Forget 400 series, let’s try a 1500 series. That’s what Allthingschrome call it, although on my calculator 1500mm would be around 5 feet wide, so somethings up there.

Anyway, who’s counting, just LOOK at it. You can see more at allthingschrome.net, if this fits your image.



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