Goberts RRPA gets going

ImageAlex Gobert’s Road Race Performance Academy kicks off with an AMCN ad campaign.


Gobert Gets Going

As Alex Gobert’s Road Race Performance Academy gets set to kick off on 10 September 2008 at Wakefield Park, NSW, an extensive advertising campaign has started in Australian Motorcycle News magazine this week. Also featured in AMCN’s latest edition is the debut of an all-new rider training column named ‘Traction Control’, featuring exclusive coaching tips from Gobert that will include in-depth information on riding techniques, health, diet and hydration, plus more.

The advertising campaign comes on top of the recent launch of former professional road racer Gobert’s new motorcycle training school — developed to assist riders around Australia become safer and more efficient motorcyclists while enjoying a day at the race track under the guidance of qualified coaches. RRPA will be run nationwide at many of Australia’s top motor racing circuits, with one event scheduled per month from September onwards this year, before a full calendar is released for 2009. The program is designed for all ability levels of riders, from racers to social riders, with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced groups available for participants.

Promo Prizes for Participants

Participants at each RRPA event will receive six riding and six theory sessions conducted by Gobert, separated into the group of their ability level. Riders will receive promotional prize packs on arrival. There will also be prizes from RRPA supporters awarded to selected riders who standout throughout the day at each event — for development rate, safety and concentration levels throughout the program. RRPA t-shirts will be for sale at the events, too, with the t-shirts and caps custom made in the USA.

 “As the inaugural event rapidly approaches it’s fantastic to be able to begin advertising in AMCN and the reaction since RRPA’s launch has been overwhelming," said Gobert. "Hopefully readers will enjoy the new Traction Control coaching column that I have been working on and I’m happy to be able to share my knowledge through AMCN as well as at the RRPA events.”

RRPA has already begun accepting entries to the opening event at Wakefield Park, NSW, on 10 September, with entry forms available on the Calendar page of the program’s official website at www.rrpa.com.au .


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