Camzilla Camera Mounting Kit – First Look

camzilla-camera-mount-sWe take a look at the CamZilla camera mounting system for on bike video and camera work.

CamZilla Camera and Video Mounting Kit

To take good pictures or interesting videos, you need to be able to shoot from onboard the motorcycle. To see what pictures you took, you need the camera to not bounce down the road at 100 kms per hour afterwards.

CamZilla is sold by Serious Media Australia, a TV Production company behind the Serious Performance DVD series. It is marketed as a product suitable for mounting cameras – both still and video – to cars, motorcycles and boats.

The CamZilla Kit

Obviously we are only interested in how it works on a motorcycle, so we ordered a kit, and intend to use it to shoot some (hopefully) exciting onboard video, and some on board images from different angles not usually seen.

The kit includes a suction cup mount cabable of pulling dents out of your car door, and a nice plastic/rubber coated clamp-on mount, as well as various attachments for angling the camera, and the all important safety lanyard.

We were expecting a plastic construction, but it turns out the CamZilla is higher quality alloy components, and the box mentions it is made in the USA, not that “other” place you might expect.


We have mounted both on to the trusty camera bike, and hope to bring you full results of how our on-board image creation works out over the coming weeks.

If you can’t wait to find out, but just wish to purchase the CamZilla mount now, you could try HERE

We also ordered one of the many adapters available, for use with an Iphone, but that’s a whole other story.

Clamp-on mount with the swivel adapter fitted

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