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rst-leathers-sRST Leathers product review. We use – and like – RST’s Voltage leather one piece suit, and the Rift 2 piece set.


RST Leathers Rift and Voltage- Long Term Review

We use a variety of riding gear for the various types of bikes we test ride, and for our own weekend jaunts. Although the Gold Coast weather often calls for lightweight protective gear due to the heat, there are times when full leathers are necessary.

For over a year now, we have been using RST’s range of leathers, both the one piece Voltage suit, and the two piece Rift.

RST is a relatively new name on the Australian scene, more well known in the UK, where they are headquartered and are well entrenched in the market. Priced as a mid range option, they offer a variety of leathers, textile gear plus gloves, boots, and helmets.


rst-mens-rift-leathersBec decided to use the one piece Voltage race suit, while I chose the two piece Rift set in black. One of the good things about standardising gear is you can mix and match, the textile RST jacket I have will also zip to the RST leather pants.

Both sets are made from 1.2mm full grained drum dyed Brazilian hides.

RST Rift 2 Piece Leathers

The Rift two piece set features Knox armour in the elbow and shoulder area, and while there is a velcro opening inside the back with space for a protector, it comes with a foam piece. The armpits, and crotch area feature Kevlar stretch panels, and there are various adjustable/stretchable areas on the suit.

The jacket has three inside and two external pockets, and is nicely lined with a breathable fabric. It also has a removable quilted liner, but I took this out the first day I got the leathers, and have never felt the need to put it back in. It just doesn’t get that cold here in on the Gold Coast. Maybe down in Tassie perhaps?

The pants feature two more pockets, knee protectors, and velcroed on replacable sliders, not that I’ll ever be needing replacements.

The pants and top zip together easily, unlike some other sets I’ve had in the past which were practice suits for Twister.

In summary, a really decent set of leathers with all the features, for a reasonable price.



rst-leathers-womensOn to the Voltage which is a full one piece race suit. Similar leather to the Rift, but the Voltage has perforated panels to the front, sides, shoulders, and legs. It too has the kevlar stretch panels in the crotch, inner arms and armpits.

The interior features a light mesh liner, again with an opening to fit a back protector if you wish. This suit has a “hump” on the back for some extra protection and also as an aerodynamic aid.

It doesn’t miss out on a couple of pockets, both are inside, one is a zip up, the other a clip. The legs have the usual knee protection and removable sliders. While Bec does use this suit on the road, its generous ventilation may be an issue in the winter of the southern Australian states without suitable undergarments.

If you are in the market for a decent mid range road or race suit, you really should check out what RST has on offer. The Voltage suit has a retail of around $799, with the Rift set available together at about the same, or 429/369 for jacket/pants. Of course shopping around doesn’t hurt your chances of getting a discount either.

Check the following link for the RST catalog


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