Brocks BMW stuns at Strip

Brock Davidson’s BMW S1000RR stuns at the dragstrip.


8.49 second quarter mile BMW S1000RR

BMW’s new S1000RR has stunned the motorcycle world with its performance both on the road and the track, including World Superbike podium finishes in Troy Corsers hands.

Brock Davidson heads up Brock’s Performance in Dayton, Ohio USA.  Brock’s performance-enhancing products like BST carbon fibre wheels, titanium exhaust systems and the extended swingarm have helped create a unique BMW S1000RR for quarter-mile use. As well as the extended wheelbase bike Brock has a “Stock” version. Depending on the rules of the competition, either or both can have track time over a weekend.

Both BMWs produce 203hp at the tyre with their Dynojet PCV fuel injection module and modified mapping to match Brock’s  exhaust system. The standard length version has hit the finish line at 8.95 seconds while the longer 1663.7 mm wheelbase bike has managed a very impressive 8.497 seconds in the ¼ with both reaching trap speeds approaching 257 km/h (160mph). The long-wheelbase bike also boasts a 0-200 km/h reading of just 5.2 seconds.


The first outing for the Brock’s Performance RR was at an AMA meeting in Michigan, with Ryan Schnitz in the seat. The extended swingarm model had the crowd stunned. For Brock it was a vindication of his original hunch:

“The BMW has a better power-to weight ratio than any bike we have ever run and we can see it not only grabbing the headlines but riders looking for performance – be it on the drag strip, track or indeed the road. There is no better way to develop specialist parts than in competition,” said Brock at the end of a successful weekend.

The stunning debut had four-times AMA National Champion, Keith Dennis signing on as team rider and he had the standard wheelbase version in action at a recent event in Alabama where, again, the RR stood out.

“We are going to further develop the BMW with nitrous injection for “Real Street” competition and do more work on engine hard-part development after we see what it can take in pure stock form,” says Brock. “So far, the engine has been stronger than anything we have been able to throw at it from a normally aspirated standpoint.”

“We have “torture tested” both of these bikes like no others on the dyno and racetracks during accelerated product development and performance testing, and they are extremely impressive. Every component has been engineered to the highest standards, but nitrous oxide is an entirely different beast that was not in the original BMW design criteria, so it’s our job as an aftermarket manufacturer to take it from here to please the stupid fast crowd,” said Brock, with an eye to the future.


It is not only on the strip where heads are turned. “We are always very busy at our display area, where the BMW always creates a storm of interest. We were at the recent World Superbike meet at Salt Lake City in the BMW Motorrad area and did that grab us some interest!” said Brock.

Drag racing might not have been on the BMW Motorrad agenda but thanks to Brock Davidson the S 1000 RR now has a new area of motor sport in which to display its unique style and dynamic power.

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Video from Brocks on the BMW S1000RR:



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