2012 Island Classic Day One

International-Challenge-Race-2-sShawn Giles has dominated Day One at the 2012 Island Classic International Challenge at Phillip Island.

Day One 2012 International Challenge

Australia has taken a solid lead over the UK and World 13 teams, after day one of the International Challenge at the Island Classic meet for historic bikes held at Phillip Island in perfect conditions today.

Three time Australian Superbike Champion, Shawn Giles and world endurance champion, Steve Martin seized first and second places in the opening two races – both aboard Suzuki Katanas – with Australia’s Beau Beaton (Irving Vincent), Robbie Phillis (Katana) and Malcolm Campbell (Honda CBR1100) also figuring in the top places to strengthen the local attack.

Best performances for the UK came from Jeremy McWilliams (Suzuki Harris F1 – 4th & 3rd) and Ryan Farquhar (Suzuki Harris F1 – 4th and 8th); while the World 13 team did not rate in the top ten results.

Race One

An almighty battle had emerged between Giles, Martin and Sydney’s Josh Brookes in the opening race one – but the action came to a sudden end, when Brookes riding the Suzuki XR69 crashed at 230 kph going into turn one when his bike’s exhaust pipe fell off and the race was red flagged.

Giles was declared the winner, Martin was awarded second and Australia’s Beau Beaton was third. The race was declared after three laps, with full points awarded, and Brookes was removed from the results due to causing the race stoppage. Brookes was unhurt.

Race Two

In the six lap race two, the battle for victory was fought between Giles and Martin. Giles got the better of Martin on lap three when Martin missed a gear on his Suzuki Katana and went wide going into turn 4.

Giles seized the opportunity and took Martin up the inside. The duo were fearless in their fight to the finish, with Giles crossing .9 of a second in front of Martin.

In race two, UK team star, Jeremy McWilliams took third and Australia’s Beau Beaton was fourth, with Ireland’s Ryan Farquhar fifth pipping Australia’s Robbie Phillis 6th and and Mal Campbell 7th in a thrilling battle to the line.

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Race One (declared after 3 laps )

1. Shawn Giles (AUS) – Suzuki Katana

2. Steve Martin (AUS) – Suzuki Katana

3. Beau Beaton (AUS) – Irving Vincent

4. Jeremy McWillians (UK) – Suzuki Harris F1

5. Robbie Phillis (AUS) – Suzuki Katana

6. Malcolm Campbell (AUS) – Honda CBR 1100

7. Ryan Farquhar (UK) – Suzuki Harris F1

8. Scott Webster (AUS) – Kawa Moto-Martin

Race Two Results

1. Shawn Giles

2. Steve Martin

3. Jeremy McWilliams

4. Beau Beaton

5. Ryan Farquhar

6. Robbie Phillis

7. Malcolm Campbell

8. Scott Webster


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