Motorcycle Ads from the past.

old-motorcycle-adsA collection of old motorcycle ads from the 1960s and 1970s. A collection of advertisments for motorcycles from the 1960s and 1970s.

These old ads are a good reference point as to how far motorcycling has come within a generation, as well as how far marketing has progressed. Having said that, some things never change, and a good looking woman still brightens up the dullest of ads.

Kawasaki gives you more guts.

I actually thought it was the beer and nachos, but apparently it was those darn Z1’s I owned back in the ’70s. Kawasaki Australia’s 1973 ad for the Z1 oddly closes out with an unlikely reference to the “spunky” mini trail model. The copy also features some fine examples of fractured sentences.



That’s what one expert said after he rode the Norton Commando 850. I would have fired him if that’s all he could come up with, as I have no idea what that means. But in 1972 it must of meant something, as it made it’s way into this ad, along with a lady who could possibly be in her 60s now. Oh.


Not just a pretty face.

No indeed. A bike that was soon to go out of production. Luckily, you can now buy a bike that looks a lot like this , except it doesn’t drip oil or suffer intermittent electrical problems. Good stuff.


Get on a Suzuki and GO!

Don’t care where, just go. And when in 1967 you could buy a screaming 29 horsepower 250cc “Hustler”, you could not only go, you could go in a magnificent trail of blue-white 2stroke smoke, rowing through the 6 speeds, and congratulating yourself on your $570 woman-magnet purchase.


For people in the know..

It comes with a spare spark plug and a carry bag. Add some words like performer, stayer, and bare facts, along with a young lady laying casually next to the Bridgestone beast, right under the words..”Jet Lube”. Win.


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