BMW Australia Adds New G 650 models

BMW G 650 Xmoto BMW Motorrad Australia is delighted to announce that two further models will join the range. The BMW G 650 Xcountry and the BMW G 650 Xmoto both bow in at the Brisbane Motorcycle show on September 21.

BMW G 650 Xmoto

BMW G 650 Xmoto

  Building on the warm welcome Australians have given the new generation BMW G 650 Xchallenge in the past six months, BMW Motorrad Australia is delighted to announce that two further models will join the range. The BMW G 650 Xcountry and the BMW G 650 Xmoto both bow in at the Brisbane Motorcycle show on September 21.

Both models use the same proven performance powertrain as fitted to the BMW G 650 Xchallenge, and all offer the same high levels of durability and longevity not to mention 10,000 km service intervals. The liquid-cooled 652cc single cylinder engine delivers 39 kW (53hp) at 7,000 rpm and 60 Nm of torque at 5,250 rpm. Fuel economy is impressive, giving more than 200 km between refills. Just as with the BMW G 650 Xchallenge the two new models are driven by an O-ring chain. The new bikes weigh less than 148 kg dry. The bridge-type tubular steel frame with cast aluminium side sections and bolted-on aluminium rear frame, together with the light alloy cast rear-wheel swing arm ensure the machines remain light on their wheels.

BMW G 650 Xcountry

BMW G 650 Xcountry

The BMW G 650 Xcountry is aimed at sport-oriented city dwellers who ache for the weekend and spend their time commuting in 9-5 traffic Monday-to-Friday but then break loose on Saturday and Sunday. The G 650 Xcountry is as much at home in the city as off the beaten track. The BMW G 650 Xmoto is aimed at sporty, modern riders who need a small, light bike that delivers superb agility as well as outstanding handling for cutting through the twists and turns of congested city streets, or twisty backroads. The greatest differentiation outside the styling of the bodywork is the suspension set up.

Where the existing BMW G 650 Xchallenge uses a rear air shock, the BMW G 650 Xcountry and BMW G 650 Xmoto feature a spring strut adjustable for length. Differences in suspension geometry are ensured by the spring travel, the size of the various wheels, as well as modified mounting points for the front wheel. The final drive ratio is specifically tailored to the purpose and character of each individual model. A further differentiation is in the wheels, whereby the BMW G 650 Xmoto has 17-inch cast light-alloy rims, the BMW G 650 Xcountry has 19-inch front and 17-inch rear spoke wheels.

The brake systems also differ, with the BMW G 650 Xmoto fitted with a four-piston front brake calliper grabbing a 320 mm disc, while the BMW G 650 Xcountry has the same single front disc set up as the Xchallenge: a 300 mm disc, matched with a double-piston brake calliper. At the rear there is a 240 mm brake disc and floating-calliper. As with most BMW models, Anti-Lock Brakes are available as an option. Again reflecting the usual standard of BMW Motorrad, the G 650 X models may also be customised by a wide range of accessories and special features tailored to each model.

"The new generation of light, agile BMW motorbikes, led by the BMW G 650 Xchallenge has already made a huge impression in Australia," said Miles Davis, Marketing Manager, BMW Motorrad Australia and New Zealand. "Just as the G 650 Xchallenge has exposed the BMW brand to a new section of the market, the new G 650 Xmoto and Xcountry models will further broaden our reach into these exciting market segments.

"The G 650 family of three very different machines sharing substantial power train components, yet sufficiently differentiated via chassis set-up, give us the opportunity to continue to build on the very successful brand shift that began with the new generation R 1200 GS in 2004. "The G 650 Xmoto will be the ideal model for urban commuters who crave a dynamic ride, while the Xcountry is the ideal all rounder for those who choose to ride to work, but can’t wait for the weekend."

"We will be launching the new models at the Brisbane Motorcycle Show in September. "These G 650 models are just the first of a range of new exciting machines from BMW in the near future," Miles said. "Watch this space."

BMW G 650 Xmoto

BMW G 650 Xmoto – fast, smooth and agile around town.

Even standing still, the BMW G 650 Xmoto looks fast and looks like it just can’t wait for the lights to go green. Small 17-inch wheels, the aluminium handlebar gripped by extra-short mounting clamps, the front mudguard and colour-highlighted tube protectors snuggled close to the tyre, and the headlight fairing finished in twin-tone Graphitane metallic matt and Red, give the G 650 Xmoto a truly muscular and athletic look. The asymmetric headlight design used on the BMW G 650 Xchallenge is carried across to the G 650 Xmoto. The stand-out looks are enhanced by cast-aluminium 17-inch wheels using sport tyres (120/70 at the front and 160/60 at the rear) and 3.5-inch front and 4.5-inch rear rims.

The forward-thrusting seat enhances the fun of long twisting sections of tarmac. Both the springs and dampers are specifically tailored to this model with upside-down telescopic forks giving 270 mm of spring travel. Incremental damper adjustment allows each rider to dial in their preferred settings. Rear-wheel suspension is firmer and shorter, with 245 mm of spring travel. Final drive on the BMW G 650 Xmoto reflects its road bias with a ratio of 16:47 (Xchallenge 15/47).

BMW G 650 Xcountry

BMW G 650 Xcountry – ideal for town or country.

The new BMW G 650 Xcountry brings off-road and on-road riding fun together in one authentic and competent package. The BMW G 650 Xcountry enjoys distinctive styling from the smooth-lens round headlight, to its "naked", fairing-free cockpit, and bi-level seat, not to mention the front mudguard-hugging the wheel. Another visual cue distinctive is the twin-tone paintwork in Deep Black and White Aluminium matt metallic. The BMW G 650 Xcountry offers a front telescopic fork with 240 mm of overall travel for riding comfort on and off-road.

The rear gas-pressure spring strut comes with an adjustable inbound stroke and spring pre-tension allowing 210 mm of spring travel. It also features easy adjustment for length, meaning the seat height can be adjusted between 840 mm and 870 mm. The hi-rise alloy handlebar provides a relaxed, natural and comfortable seating position. The BMW G 650 Xcountry is fitted with hollow-cast aluminium hubs, traditional spokes and epoxy-plated, alloy rims. The 19-inch front rim is matched by a 17-inch rear, with 100/90 section tyre at the front and 130/80 at the rear. Like the BMW G 650 Xmoto, the Xcountry uses a 16-tooth front sprocket and a 47-tooth rear unit. Top of Page Key features of the new G 650 X model series at a glance:

* Sporty and exciting lightweight design.
* Fast-revving single-cylinder engine producing 39 kW (53 hp) at 7,000 rpm and peak torque of 60 Nm at 5,250 rpm.
* Crankshaft runs in anti-friction bearings and an even lighter alternator reducing free mass forces.
* DOHC valve drive with cup tappets and four valves.
* Liquid cooling with an aluminium radiator.
* Electronic BMS-C II engine management with intake manifold injection and dual ignition.
* Stainless-steel exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.
* Dry sump lubrication with the oil tank positioned appropriately for an ideal centre of gravity.
* Close-increment five-speed gearbox with secondary chain drive.
* High-quality running gear components, epoxy-plated aluminium attachments.
* Torsionally-rigid tubular bridge frame with bolted-on aluminium rear frame.
* Stable upside-down telescopic fork, fixed-position tube measuring 45 mm in diameter.
* Light and highly stable two-unit cast-aluminium swing arm.
* Top-quality spring struts at the rear.
* Low unladen weight.
* Conified aluminium tubular handlebar.
* Foot brake and gearshift levers made of forged aluminium.
* Fuel tank positioned beneath the seat for an ideal centre of gravity, with good access to the filler pipe.
* High-performance brake system with switchable ABS as an option.
* Model-specific range of accessories and optional features.

Full Australian model specification and pricing will be announced at the Brisbane Motorcycle Show in September.

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