Ad of the Week – 2 Wheel Drive Arctic Cat

Ad of the Week – A 1960’s vintage two wheel drive Arctic Cat!

Ad of the Week – 2 Wheel Drive ’60s Arctic Cat

The USA is a great source of rare or unusual vehicles left unused in garages.

Here’s a rare one on Ebay USA, a 1965 Arctic Cat Cub. The ad listing says it hasn’t had much use, amd from looking at it, I don’t blame the previous owners. You wouldn’t catch me roaring around the Artic trusting my life on this chain driven little gem.

According to that font of all things uncertain, Wikipedia informs us that the Arctic Cat company was started as a snowmobile manufacturer by one Edgar Hetteen, after he left the first snowmobile company he set up, the much more well know Polaris.

Whether anyone actually used one of these in the Arctic I couldn’t tell you, it appears to be powered by some kind of stationary motor, and the seller states both wheels are driven by a complex series of chains. Great.

If you need something in your garage no one else has, surely this is it. Currently on Ebay USA with a bid of $760, heres the
LINK to Ebay Listing (expired)


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