Honda back racing with Motologic for 2011

honda-racing-2011-sTeam Honda Racing will return to the ASBK circuit next year, teaming up with Motologic again.


Team Honda back in Australian Superbike for 2011

Team Honda Racing will return to the ASBK circuit next year.

Teaming up with Paul Free’s Motologic for the 2011 season of the Australian Superbike championship, Honda will be again looking to snare another title. A rider lineup for 2011 has not yet been announced.

PAUL FREE: Team Honda Racing

“It’s been quite a work in progress, but it’s all come together very well. I think we’ve got a good program in place. We haven’t got too much more to do and we’re all organised. Simply put, I’m happy to be back with Honda; it’s very familiar territory, and we’ll be working with an extremely strong motorcycle. In 2004, we won Superbike and Supersport with Adam Ferguson, 2005 we won Superbike and Supersport with Brookesy and we also won the World Supersport race with Josh as a wildcard rider. And then the next one was the 2008 Superbike Championship with Glenn Allerton.”

“Without winning a championship, 2009 was probably our strongest season ever – we won a lot of races, qualified on pole just about everywhere, but because both Wayne and Glenn were winning a lot of races and the two riders were taking points from each other, neither of them won the championship. There’s only one championship aspiration for 2011, isn’t there… that’s to win it.”

TONY HINTON: “Honda Australia and Paul have an outstanding history together. We are extremely pleased to rejoin forces with Paul Free and his team. Their professionalism and experience has translated into success time and time again. Our joint fortunes have been well documented with five Australian Championships to our credit. We are both confident that together we can continue to be at the fore of field.”

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