Brudeli Tech Leanster

ImageNorwegian firm Brudeli Tech release details of their new 3 wheeled Leanster.


Brudeli Tech "Leanster"

All pictures courtesy of Rune Baashus

After experiencing how much fun a dual set of front wheels can be on Piaggios MP3 scooters, this unique Norwegian machine caught our eye. We can only imagine how much fun this would be to ride, and the dirt pictures give some insight as to how the extra front wheel helps. Unfortunately there is no mention of plans to sell the machine in Australia.

Based on the brutal KTM690 LC4, Brudeli Tech adds a set of front wheels that tilt with the machine.


Their their new Leanster, the Brudeli 654L, is a unique new vehicle designed to provide an extraordinary riding experience. The exclusive production model Brudeli 654L is available in very limited numbers and will be presented at Intermot 2008 (8th-12th October 2008).

“Making 100 metre controlled powerslides at the local dirt track oval (speedway) is a quite unbeatable feeling. Especially when this is a street-legal vehicle that you actually came cruising with to the track.” says Geir Brudeli, the inventor of the Leanster and manager of Brudeli Tech. “Then just a few minutes later you could be at a go-kart track without any change of setup, leaning 45 degrees into corners with a control superior to that of a normal motorcycle. The Leanster suspension is 100% mechanical and leaves the rider in control. It is built with the goal of boosting the motorcycle experience.”

Brudeli Tech believes their customers are going to use the 654L mainly for riding on normal roads, and this is what it is designed for. The vehicle is best described as something in between a motorcycle and ATV-quad. It leans into corners like a motorcycle but, at the same time, has a lot of the stability of a sport quad. The idea was born on the Norwegian gravel and winter roads, but the Leanster has also proven to work extremely well on tarmac roads and go-kart tracks also. The footboards stay parallel to the ground, while the rest of the vehicle, including the two front wheels, leans at an angle of up to 45 degrees. The two wheels in front also provide a shorter braking distance.


 The design of the new model was by Atle Stubberud of the company ‘Soon Design’ ( Atle Stubberud  was also the key designer for the concept model from 2005. “This really is a dream project for a transportation designer. Nearly like a student project where you could start with a completely open mind. I have been involved since the idea was first formulated in 2001.” says Atle Stubberud

Brudeli 654L is based on a KTM 690 Supermoto. The leanster will be street legal in Europe (TÜV approved).

Price: The price will be about 21000 Euros (30000 USD) (ex. VAT and ex. Works Hokksund)
About the Company: The company Brudeli Tech is currently owned by 12 Norwegian investors and partners and is completely independent from any of the large motorcycle manufacturers.



ENGINE TYPE: KTM 690 LC4, Single cylinder, 4-stroke
VOLUME: 654.7 cc
POWER: 47kW/ 7,500 O/ min
TORQUE: 65 Nm / 6,550 O/ min
TRANSMISSION: 6 gear, dog clutch engagement
FRAME: Steel tubular frame
FRONT SUSPENSION: WP-4014 (rebound adjustment standard, additional high/low
speed compression adjustment is optional)
REAR SUSPENSION: WP-Monoshock with Pro-Lever red.
SUSPENSION TRAVEL: 180/210 mm (front/rear)
FRONT BRAKE: Special designed ISR calliper. Special design inside-out brake
discs, Ø325 mm discs
REAR BRAKE: Wilwood single piston / combined mechanical floating calliper,
brake disc Ø 240 mm
RIMS FRONT/REAR: 3.50 x17”, Billet machined; Cast alu 5.00 x 17”
TYRES FRONT/REAR: 120/70-17”; 160/60-17”
LEANING ANGLE: 45º max, adjustable
WIDTH: 1,250 mm
LENGTH/WHEEL BASE: 2,160 mm /1,510 mm
TOTAL HEIGHT: 1,170 mm (handlebar height) 1,380 (top of mirror)
WEIGHT: 238 kg
TOP SPEED: 170 km/h


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