Horex Supercharged 1200cc Six Cylinder

horex-v6-supercharged-sHorex, a German specialty manufacturer have shown off their 200hp 6 cylinder supercharged motorcycle.


Horex Supercharged Six

The Horex is a 200hp V6 supercharged belt drive motorcycle that will soon go into production in Europe. While details have been out for a while on the new Horex, it was on show to the public at Cologne’s Intermot show this week.

Like other well known motorcycle brands that have been revived with a new model and an old name, a German syndicate have revived the brand Horex, which produced motorcycles from the 1920s until about 50 years ago, when it ceased production.

Located in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt, Germany Horex – the HO in Homburg combined with the owners name formed the name Horex – produced a range of single and twin cylinder motorcycles up to 600cc.

Horex at Intermot. Image copyright Koelnmesse

The new Horex motorcycle company has not tried to reproduce a updated old model, but rather has gone the high tech approach.

The highlight of the Horex is undoubtably the engine, although it appears to be an inline four cylinder, it is in fact a 1200cc V6, or to be precise, a VR6, which means it is a very narrow 15 degree vee with the cylinders in a V shaped Row. This results in a very complex cylinder head, which houses not only three valves per cylinder, but triple camshafts. The staggered cylinders result in a very narrow 6 cylinder head width of 430mm.


The rear camshaft operates the intake valves of the rear cylinders, while the front camshaft operates the exhaust valves of the front row. Poor old middle cam has to work both exhaust of the rear bank, and inlet of the front row of 3 pots. Thrown in the mix is six almost vertical intake ports – seen in the picture – and 6 spark plugs. One very complex cylinder head.

Behind the cylinder head lays another piece of the Horex arsenal, a belt drive supercharger. Imagine a turbo charger, with a belt drive and you get the idea. Boost will vary according to the model, with outputs of between 175hp, to “over 200hp” being quoted. A six speed gearbox outputs to the rear wheel via a belt drive, a first for this level of power output according to Horex.

The six holes towards the rear of the head are the intake ports.

Chassis-wise the Horex features an aluminium bridge type frame. 50mm upside down forks reside in the steel steering head. ABS is standard. Weight is quoted at 239kg.

The Horex is reportedly to go on sale in Germany early 2011, with a rumoured 20,000 Euro price. Other models are planned, and also an expansion of sales into other markets. Australia has not been mentioned as a potential market in the Horex press release.



All six exhausts exit towards the front of the Horex’s motor.

To match up with a flat cylinder head, piston tops are angled.

Horex Specifications



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