Kawasaki Z1000SX Ninja 2011

kawasaki-z1000sx-ninja-sKawasaki Z1000SX Ninja – A new faired version of the Z1000. Due for release early 2011. Full details and pictures.


Kawasaki Z1000 SX Ninja

One year ago Kawasaki unveiled the all new Z1000, which has been hailed as one of the best naked bikes ever. Perhaps due to market research, Kawasaki has discovered what some buyers want to do with their Z1000s – clock some k’s up.

The answer, the Z1000SX, perhaps called a Ninja 1000 here in Australia when it is released. Put very simply, this is a Z1000 with a larger fairing, adjustable windscreen, and 4 more litres of fuel capacity. Engine and chassis specs remain similar. Even peak horsepower and torque remain unchanged on the spec sheets – 101kw (136hp) and 110nm of torque.


The actual riding position isn’t much dfferent, in fact Kawasaki say the ZX is the same in the “rider triangle” bar the ZX having the grips slightly closer together.

While there are more similarities than differences, the Z1000SX features different wheels, and a ZX-6R style instrument pod. Kawasaki will be offering optional hard top box and panniers for those who wish to really put in the harder yards. The windscreen is adjustable without using tools, and the underseat storage area has doubled over the Z1000.

Kawasaki Promo Video of the Z1000SX


Like the Z1000, the SX Ninja has a pretty well specced chassis, a twin tube aluminium frame and fully adjustable 41mm USD forks with radial mounted 4 piston calipers on “triple petal” discs. Front master cylinder is a radial pump style as well.

The rear is suspended by a horizontally mounted shock that has preload, rebound and compression adjustability to help keep the fat 190/50 tyre on the tarmac when the power is flowing. That power flows via a chain drive, from a 6 speed transmission, again apparently unchanged from the Z.


Engine wise, the Z1000ZX is actually a 1043cc, with a downdraught head, and 38mm fuel injection throttle bodies. Four valves per cylinder, 11.8:1 compression ratio, and a secondary balancer fill out the spec sheet. Like the Z1000, Kawasaki mention that they left a little vibration in, giving the engine a little “feel”, rather than dead smooth.

They also built in some mid range induction howl, and have mentioned how the Z1000SX has longer than normal intake trumpets for a bit of torque tuning.




Kawasaki appear to be ticking the right boxes on a few new models lately, and this one looks to be no exception. The idea of a semi-sporting, yet touring capable motorcycle has broad appeal, and harks back to the days when one bike would suit any number of riding pursuits given a little personalisation.

As the supersport models have become more and more focused over the years, and the average age of the riders seems to have crept up, many now complain about the hunched and tiring riding positions of the hard core race reps. The Z1000SX has a much more user friendly interface with its higher and further rearward bars.

With a 19 litre tank, the Z1000SX would make a decent sport tourer with the luggage added, yet straight off the showroom floor, the decent suspension and 136 horsepower would make it an ideal weekend sport ride.

Kawasaki are planning a first quarter of 2011 release of the Z1000 ZX, or Ninja as it may be known, at this point the retail price is not known. The Z1000 RRP is currently 16,500 odd, you could expect the ZX to be a little more perhaps.

At this point it appears the Z1000 Ninja – if it sports that moniker in Australia- will be available in traditional Kawasaki green, and in black.

We look forward to riding one when they are released.


2011 Kawasaki Z1000SX Ninja Specifications



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