Round The World On 20 Year Old Honda Transalp

gionata nencini transalp Gionata Nencini set out in 2005 on a 20 year old Honda Transalp to show that it is possible to tour the world with just a good quality used motorcycle, $2500 AUD and a tent.

 gionata nencini transalp

Gionata Nencini seems well beyond his years but who wouldn’t after travelling for the past three years around the world on a 1987 Transalp XL600V? The Italian born 24-year-old photographer, writer and professional traveller recently visited Honda Australia for some basic maintenance on his well-worn motorcycle that has already taken him through 23 countries and roughly 65,000 kms.

Gionata or "Gion" as he is referred to locally, set out in 2005 to show that it is possible to tour the world with just a good quality used motorcycle, $2500 AUD and a tent. While dropping in to Honda’s workshop at Campbellfield, VIC Gion explained that the driving force behind his desire to travel the world by motorcycle was to challenge himself, and to show other young Italians that it can be done. "In my country, most people don’t travel very much," he said in excellent English picked up during his travels. "Our culture is very provincial, but I am showing that to do this you don’t need to be rich and you don’t need a brand new pro-motorcycle."

 gionata nencini transalp

"Also you don’t need to be a professional mechanic. I know only basic maintenance but I have always found people to help me with the bike, regardless of the country I am in." When asked why he chose Honda’s premier adventure touring bike for the journey, Gion said there was no other sensible option. "I was advised I should travel on the Transalp because it is so reliable and it has not let me down regardless of the conditions I have put it through."

"To be honest, it would have been easier for me to get my hands on an Italian made bike, but there were too many people recommending the Honda for me to consider anything else."

Gion – who hails from Florence – is not using a GPS or other high technology navigational equipment to find his way. In the true spirit of adventure, this has led him into some very remote, inhospitable areas where he has had to call on his survival skills.

"One of my most challenging times was when I got stuck in the Russian desert for two days." "I was in the middle of nowhere with no water, food or money. Different people would drive by and give me supplies to keep me going, and eventually I got a lift with a truck into the nearest town."

gionata nencini transalp

Overall Gion is intending to cover 150000 kms and 80 countries. In addition to maintaining a website with a travel blog, photographs and advice for other young people wanting to conquer adventure travel, he also contributes regularly to media outlets around the world, and performs charity work wherever he can.

"These experiences are all enriching me. I am so happy and grateful for all the support I get from different people and organizations such as Honda." "The techs are going over my bike as well as giving me a crate for shipping it to New Zealand which is my next stop."

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