No more repairing Written-off Motorcycles in NSW

written-off-motorcyclesFrom October 31st 2010,  NSW will be outlawing the repair of any and all written off vehicles, including motorcycles.


NSW Bans Repairing Write-offs

On the 31st of October 2010, the New South Wales Government intends to commence new legislation to prohibit the registration of NSW written-off vehicles. The Government says this will “improve road safety and consumer protection and clamp down on car re-birthing and vehicle theft.”

It will also may have the effect of causing insurance companies to repair motorcycles that they otherwise would not, as the salvage value is likely to drop, particularly on models that are not purchased for race use.

There are a few exemptions, which include vehicles over 15 years old, and “rare enthusiasts vehicles, specified high value vehicles, collector’s vehicles, some designated motorsport vehicles, and those with sentimental value (such as an heirloom or gift) which are retained by the same operator.

Other than those exemptions, all vehicles deemed insurance write-offs in NSW will no longer be registerable in any state of Australia, and will be sold only for use as scrap metal or parts.

Written off vehicles purchased before October 31st will still be allowed to be registered after that date as per current rules.

Other states are expected to follow suit, according to the NSW Road Traffic Authority.

The full governmental description is here


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