Sunax Helmet Sunshield

Sunax Helmet Sunshield. We try out the mini sunshade for your helmet.


Sunax Helmet Sunshield

A tinted visor is great for rides on bright sunny days, but quickly turn into a liability as the sun gets lower in the sky and the light fades. A lot of the rides we do here at Motoaus end in the darkness, making the last few hours pretty difficult – either suffer a loss of vision with the tinted visor, or ride with the visor up, and see how many acidic bugs you can catch with your eyeballs.

For this reason I often wear a clear visor, but that is not without issue either. You can wear sunglasses until the sun goes, then remove for better low light vision. But, late in the day, we often find ourselves heading home on winding roads with lots of elevation changes, which mean you are running into either dazzling diffused sunrays, or plunging down into the forested gloom. Either tint or clear visors don’t cover this problem, your eyes can’t adapt to the light level change quick enough.


I have found the answer however, with the Sunax product. The Sunax shield is a small strip of high tech tinted material, that pushes into the front liner of your helmet, and acts in a similar manner to the tint strip across the top of a car’s windshield. Used under a clear visor, it cuts out the dazzle, but allows full vision as normal.

If the sun is very low, you can simply dip your head a little to chop the direct glare. The old school trick of taping the top of your visor gives a similar advantage, but you can’t see thru tape, and doing that does prevent you from getting into any kind of tuck as you can’t see. Although the Sunax isn’t designed to constantly look through like sunglasses, it is easy to see through.

Three different tints are available, we tried two, the “Steel” which is a blueish tint, and the “Silver” which is like a reflective tint. A “Dark” tint is also available.


Fitting was easy on our KBC helmets, the thin flexible Sunax simply pushes into the tiny gap between the helmet shell and liner. Apparently some helmets are glued together, so check first if your helmet is suitable. Most popular brands are, apparently. That is all there is too it, it sits firmly in place, and can be adjusted a little in or out to alter the depth of the shield.

Out on the road, it works just like you hope it will, using a clear visor now doesn’t involve squinting all day as it really does cut down the glare that would normally fall across your eyes. The Sunax wasn’t affected by wind blast with the visor up, it didn’t move.

Best of all, as mentioned previously, late in the day, running fast into the the setting sun, no more holding a hand up to shield the blinding rays to see where the road goes, just a head movement and the little shield does its job.

Our Verdict: The Sunax, for us, is a great little product, works far better than you would imagine. If you are wanting to use a clear visor, or you have light sensitive eyes, this is THE answer.

More information about the product, and where to buy can be found here: SUNAX AUSTRALIA

Phone enquiries 1300 99 44 82, or email




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