Troy Bayliss Racing Again

bayliss-grafton-race-sTroy Bayliss was back in the saddle again, competing in a gruelling bicycle road race, the Grafton to Inverell Classic. troy-bayliss-grafton

Bayliss Back on Two Wheels

Troy Bayliss was racing again today – and not at the Gold Coast 600 V8 Supercar event that looked like a career choice a year ago. Troy was further south, on two wheels, and doing something perhaps even more strenuous, competing in the 2010 Grafton to Inverell Cycling Classic event.

A one day event covering 220 kilometers, the riders will endure a tortuous ride over the Gibraltar Range on the Gwydir Highway. The field of over 500 riders cover the distance in a maximum of nine hours.

As well as his legendary status racing superbikes, Troy Bayliss has a long history on the pedals. Just like when he was on the Ducati’s, he is taking it pretty seriously, employing long time friend and former Tour de France rider Nick Gates as his personal coach.


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