Stopngo 12v Portable Motorcycle Air Compressor

stopngo-compressor-sThe StopnGo is a tiny 12 volt portable air compressor for motorcycle use.

Stop and Go Motorcycle Air Compressor

Here’s a handy little item that we will be for sure taking with us on our upcoming “adventure” rides. The StopnGo is a tiny portable 12 volt compressor that is designed to inflate to a maximum of 120psi.

Not recommended for car or truck tyres, the Stop & Go did an admirable job when we powered it up with the battery of our V-Strom. Inflation of the tyre took a while, about 8 minutes, but it was easy to use, and unlike one shot CO2 cartridges, can be used over and over again. It also has a small LED light, for easier valve connection at night.


The StopandGo comes with easily plugged in adapters for either a cigarette lighter style plug, or alligator clips for direct battery terminal connection. It is a really small package, around 100mm x 150mm, and about 50mm thick. The inflation line tucks away, and it all fits in the supplied zip up case.

Available in Australia from Tomcat Distibution, the StopnGo has a retail price at this time of $39.95.



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