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perfect-seat-sHow to get a Perfect Seat? Try this. perfect-seat

Perfect Seat – Vinyl Motorcycle Seat Restorer

There’s plenty of things that are motorcycle specific. Or should be. Tyres for example. You wouldn’t put car tyres on your Gixxer would you?

Ok, you could, but you shouldn’t. Nor should you spray a slimey concoction of vinyl reviver on your motorcycle seat that was probably designed for a car dashboard.

Luckily, like tyres, we now have a bike specific product. Motul have a product called “Perfect Seat” which is labelled as a “seat restorer”.

The best bit is though, it’s not slippery after you use it. The label blurb states it’s for cleaning encrusted grime and dirt, so I set to work on the seat of one of our V-Stroms that was indeed encrusted.

Unfortunately I was too excited to take a “before” picture, but the V-Strom has one of those hard to clean covers which features lots of little indentations that trap crap.

I didn’t even read the instructions, just sprayed the seat liberally with Perfect Seat, and wiped it down with a rag. Surprise, the seat came up looking like new, and not at all slippery or greasy. Smelled good too. The can mentions not using Perfect Seat on leather, so best not.

Probably available at your local bike shop or check with the distibutors, Link International

The “after” picture. Perfect.


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